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Between 1kg to 2kg per square metre, depending on the substrate

Rainfall immediately after application has no adverse effect. Can be installed in wet conditions.

Fastfix Wet Shield is not recommended for the treatment of wooden surfaces, tankings, fishponds, or internal use. Air-conditioning vents should be sealed for a minium of 24 hours during and after application. Minimum finished fall: When using this product we recommend a minium finished fall of 1:80.

Up to 6-7 days depending on temperature and thickness of coating. Fastfix Wet Shied may remain soft for a futher period depending on climactic conditions. This is not detrimental to the waterproofing qualities of the products. Not suitable for heavy foot-traffic areas.

Up to 2 years if stored correctly in an unopened container

For cleaning equipment use White Spirit or Methylated Spirits.