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Emergeny Applications

Fastfix Wet Shield is principally used as a roofing & gutter repair compound. It can be applied in wet conditions as an emergency waterproofing solution. As an emergency repair in wet conditions, no preparation is required. Simply apply a thick coating of Fastfix Wet Shield over the affected area/material to create an immediate waterproof barrier to stop water ingress.

For non-emergency dry weather application, clear all areas of moss, lichen and debris by brushing, scraping or power washing. Allow to dry and remove any residues such as oil or grease with white spirit and allow to dry. Generously apply Fastfix Wet Shield to the affected area with a brush, roller or squeegee.

Don’t Get Caught In The Rain


Most roofing substrates will not require a primer (e.g. non-porous substrates). However, if after assessment the installer concludes that a primer should be used prior to the application of Fastfix Wet Shield, the following primers can be used.


These surfaces must be jet washed prior to applying any porous surface primer.

Highly porous/friable surfaces

Concrete and asbestos cladding, sheeting and guttering should be primed with a primer for porous surfaces prior to over coating with Fastfix Wet Shield.

Metal surfaces

Zinc Phosphate Primer
Ferrous Metals – Iron & steel, or weathered metals previously galvanised should be primed with a suitable Zinc Phosphate primer.

Etch Primer
Non-Ferrous Metals – Aluminium sheeting and aluminium alloy box gutters, copper and previously painted non-ferrous metals should be primed with a suitable Etch primer.

Bitumen surfaces

Discolouration may occur over new asphalt, tar or bitumen surfaces; therefore an extra coat may be required, for decorative purposes only. Aged bitumen can be liable to crack.

Previously painted or coated substrates

It is good practice to inspect and carry out adhesion tests on any existing coating or substrate prior to application of Fastfix Wet Shield.

Splits, cracks, joints and seals

Pay particular attention to clean out any slits, cracks, joints and seals by scraping or brushing off with a stiff bristle brush before applying a suitable surface primer. Repair all faults in the surface by using a propriety filler.